They'll feel the love in every bite!'

Pawsitively healthy, all natural pet snacks

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I started this fun pet treat adventure because I've owned a lot of pets during my life, and I know how important good nutrition is.  Unfortunately, I feel there are too many preservatives and unhealthy ingredients in the average pet treat today. This can cause some serious health concerns and may even shorten a pet's lifespan.

That's why I created Snack Attack Pet Treats.  I want to offer you healthy, natural treats that are full of love and have nothing but goodness baked right in.

I invite you to check out our list of pet treats, or come by the local farmer's market.  If you're in a rush and can't problem.  Simply fill out our Contact Form with your order, or give us a call.   We can do custom orders, too.

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Maynooth, Ontario